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Creativos WEB webinars: the first to come on September 16-th

We, at Creativos WEB, have prepared a complete webinar schedule, aiming to enlighten basic yet important aspects of the company work in Internet. All of them are free of charge and will take just 45 minutes per session.

The full September schedule could be seen here.

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10 Things You Really Didn't Know About Domain Names

Domain names are equivalent to real estate within the virtual world. With the dot com era many people turned to the internet as a way of investment, social interaction, business marketing, and even virtual business. ...

What is Malware and How Do You Clean Your Website of it?

According to Internet security company Dasient, 5.8 million pages over 640,000 sites were infected with malware in the third quarter of 2009, whilst Google revealed that the number of entries on the Google Safe Browsing ...

The Perfect Footer

Page footer is that element of the webpage, which is very often neglected by the developers and SEO-s. At the same time, its proper content will help upgrading the positioning of the web page in a number of search ...

Unique Web Design vs Premade Templates

Indesputably, there is a point at which every small business owner is facing this question - [b]"Shall I buy a ready template or shall I contract a web designer?"[/b] In the following article, I will try to give the ...

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name Service. It is the Internet-wide system for connecting domain names, like, to their respective web servers. DNS translates domain names to their corresponding IP Address. ...

Are there any requirements for making a transfer?

In order to transfer a domain from one provider to another: 1. You must have access to the administrative contact email address on file for the domain name. During the transfer process, you will be required to ...

What is a multilingual domain?

A multilingual domain name is a domain that uses non-English language characters. Examples are Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, Spanish, Portuguese, ...

Why is the domain I registered still showing up as "available" on other web sites?

Rest assured your domain names are registered in real-time. The instant you submit your registration it is sent to the central registry database maintained by and is recorded in our registrar's WHOIS ...

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